1. Praise, very practicalVery thick very good
    Rave reviews
    Good practical!
    Very good
    Very thick very good
    Praise, very practical

  2. Very thin, a penny of goodsThat's right. Open it and work
    Fourteen dollars, OK, good

    Everything is very good, there will be a need to come back.

    The price is good, a little thin, the surface of the best another layer of glass or transparent plastic
    After getting the smell of cleaning after a night without a taste of the shop on the table looks very tall on the feeling of eating a good mood
    Very thin, a penny of goods

  3. The quality is excellent, the...As far as I can imagine the poor
    Not bad, the thickness of the general.
    Good things, good use, but also the next visit.
    The second time to buy, you can, the quality has been good.
    Good quality, cheaper than to buy outside!
    The quality is excellent, the price is too cheap

  4. The quality is good. I like it...Did not use to buy at home, do not know how
    Good quality, you can buy

    Don't buy this shit
    Don't buy this shit
    Something is broken, said no replacement
    The quality is good. I like it very much.

  5. Can also, in kind than the color...In general, it is not used to have a taste of the shares, after the use of additional comments!
    Exactly like the store
    Pretty good

    Something good, five-star praise!
    Very good looking, quality is good, there is no taste
    Can also, in kind than the color of the photos deep.

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🌺👉สนใจสอบถามได้น้า 🍒แอดไลน 🆔 : koikwun มาคุยกันก่อนได้จร้า😘😉😊 🌀🌀Cubic Zirconia(CZ) ✨วิบๆวับๆมากค่ะ ✨รับปร

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