1. The quality is good, unexpectedly,...Upper body effect is very good, quality is good, like!
    Clothes received a little bit, take it to customer service, customer service attitude is very good, directly on the change, very good shopping.
    Wear handsome, good quality, like
    Very nice, comfortable to wear
    The clothes are too big!!!
    The quality is good, unexpectedly, the seller is also polite. Praise

  2. The husband is handsomeClothes are very good, is pure cotton, very much love
    My husband likes to say that I want to buy him a different color
    My husband likes to say that I want to buy him a different color
    The clothes fit well
    The quality is good and I like to come next time
    The husband is handsome

  3. Baby is very appropriate, there is...The quality is very good, I am very satisfied with the style. If necessary, I will continue to visit your shop!
    Very good seller is really too warm to think very thoughtful good service attitude I am quite satisfied with
    Good quality, cheaper than the store more, but also a genuine, if there is a need to come back next time.
    Especially the temperament of the skirt, show figure and thin, very satisfied oh
    Baby received, very satisfied!! is really super good, answer questions carefully, the key is not to mind taking the trouble, the baby is good, trustworthy!
    Baby is very appropriate, there is no color difference, the quality is very good, the seller is very good, very like, the next time to come, praise!

  4. The quality of the skirt is very...I want to be the right size, color, praising a love?
    Buy very good, quality is also very good, and the description of the no difference, the delivery speed is super fast
    The quality is very good

    Fortunately, but it is not easy to walk, wear loose points
    Wear this skirt can not walk a little * * enough waist big heart plug my body
    The quality of the skirt is very good

  5. A great dress! It's very cheap and...I imagine it is not the same, it is too heavy winter... Do not have a large group do not know where to put.. But the quality is good, it is recommended to buy Pro Summer bar
    Okay tall wear should look good short a little fat elastic stretch not what
    Not bad! The quality is very good, a little thick oh! Did not wear a long skirt, look forward to wear the effect!
    After receiving a special surprise, quality super good, but the material is very comfortable! Length is what I want, to ankle. Thumbs up thumbs up
    In addition to other logistics slow, I am very satisfied, roommate said (at??)

    A great dress! It's very cheap and very thick. It's suitable for the fall and winter

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