1. The trousers are very good, very...The quality is still good in the middle of the episode appeared but the seller is still very good service on their services will come next time to buy
    Second times to buy, cashmere is very delicate, good workmanship, is really cheap, recommended oh
    Pants received, it is really very good, much better than before to buy Lining, the next will buy! Very full
    Left leg trousers long check a centimeter, too much trouble, and will wear the
    Things received, very warm, the next time will come!
    The trousers are very good, very warm, size is also very fit, the seller recommended size right, not afraid of the winter cold.

  2. System default commentThe trousers are a bit thick, but the quality is ok.
    Logistics is very fast, pants feel good, the material is very comfortable, the version is very good, the work is very good, very comfortable to wear on the body, very satisfied, really cheap. 2.7 feet waist, 175/80A is just right. All five points
    Good also, the size of trousers are very good, the material can, no pilling, very satisfied. I tried on two days.
    Received the goods on trial. Fabric texture really have nothing to say, gentle and very wide. Seller recommended size is accurate. Service attitude, logistics are good. It was a pleasant shopping. All.
    Trousers feel good wearing very comfortable size are awesome express stores and timely delivery
    System default comment

  3. Mother wear appropriate,...The pants is very thick, is the feeling of material is in love in a bid, the cotton is not in the imagination a little depressed, it looks very good

    Really feel thick ah! Too good, bought a small, originally wanted to change, but also the elderly mother love, afraid of the cold, this is really thick, warm! Send my mother, I buy a set, the boss or! Praise!
    As good as imagined
    The trousers are very thick and comfortable, and the Northeast will not be cold.

    Mother wear appropriate, comfortable, thick,
    Mother wear appropriate, comfortable, thick,

  4. Pants quality is good, good style...The trousers are very nice and very nice
    Nine, buy a pair of cotton camouflage pants, really good, delivery is also very fast, dress just right
    This dress is good. Just right。 Good quality. All-match camouflage.
    Old customer! Has been in his home to buy, the size is positive, fabric comfortable, as always good.
    Just a little bit of good size is a little bit of hair
    Pants quality is good, good style of work or absolute value! Very satisfied.

  5. To the neighbor's husband to buy a...The quality is also good, relatively thick, northeast wear, with trousers, enough, 163, 98 pounds, I bought a L code, feel good, should buy a code behind for sister reference, buy fat legs feel good thick!

    Big enough to set a Maoku is love in black sticky hair
    Thick velvet, winter is not cold, good quality clothes
    Warm and soft, my mother and her husband have all the children.
    Very thick pants, fat, to wear the mother
    To the neighbor's husband to buy a straight tube, wear a lot better than expected?! Collocation of sports shoes is also very good, the length is just fat

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SHOP // ✖️ wwwINDIGOLUNEcom ✖️

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