1. Poor evaluation is very...It's beautiful. It's a good fit. I'm 152
    Baby is very beautiful, very stylish, no color difference.
    Colleagues say good-looking enough
    Two together to buy Oh, very practical Oh, very ride, very satisfied with a shopping
    Really like

    Poor evaluation is very dissatisfied with the uneven sweater, and too much taste

  2. The quality is very good, also...The word is wrong
    The word is wrong
    The baby is very beautiful, very comfortable to wear comfortable, the color is very positive, friends have to look at it

    Like it very much
    Like the big love clothes are comfortable to wear good quality and so on for a long time, such as no white

    The quality is very good, also comfortable to wear, send sweater chain super beautiful, but also very much like, the color is very suitable for me, love?

  3. BucuoThe clothes feels soft, good quality.

    Wearing a very comfortable is the right size still hasn't do not know do not fade out
    The clothes are soft, the style is good, five
    Good quality
    There is no color, night shoot, more than and 40 pieces of quality is OK, not water, should not fade.


  4. likeClothing style fashion, quality is also very good
    Good customer service is very satisfied with the baby some busy comments late a little sorry?
    Something good. Feel very soft
    The clothes are good, the sweater is very beautiful
    Too good, good quality

  5. The goods have been received, the...Good goods, 5 points.
    Feel good, logistics is quite fast
    Yes, very suitable
    The fabric is comfortable not shrink from the ball size and color are satisfied
    In feeling good, good texture, feeling the material is very soft, fine material, clothing styles are very good, very fast delivery speed!
    The goods have been received, the husband is very fond of this, the size is just right, try for a few days to wear a very comfortable, not from Maomao, hoping to wash it will not deform it, after the additional!!

Style inspiration ❤️ vivaluxuryblog

Style inspiration ❤️ vivaluxuryblog

q.s.d جيبها لي فالبيرث دي😢
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Fabulous ❤️
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cool! 😝❤️

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