1. No match with the description of...Logistics is a bit slow, others are okay
    Praise! Like! Ready to take one!
    Cheap, good.
    I can not think of 75 pounds, I can wear, so good clothes is tailor-made for me. In the future to buy clothes in this house is really good, I was worried about you, this may be a big time to wear just feel good.

    The clothes is very good, the other is very appropriate, bust is a bit tight, that big breasts and buy a bigger code!

    No match with the description of color, pictures for reference

  2. Workmanship is very fine, my...I got it。 The quality is very good
    The clothes are very good, consistent with the description, the size is right

    Clothes received, her husband is very comfortable to wear very comfortable, the color is very positive, very fine workmanship, the whole look good, the price is very cheap, very satisfied
    For her husband to buy a very good fit to fit the upper body effect is not very good color quality is very satisfactory
    Good clothes to wear comfortable material is good without color.
    Workmanship is very fine, my friends thought it was a few hundred dollars, just fit to wear, you can buy a large

  3. Clothing style is not bad, very...Clothes very good customer service attitude is good
    Can also wear comfortable
    Good, practical, satisfied, will come later
    Received, logistics fast, something good, very worthwhile
    Good thin point
    Clothing style is not bad, very fast delivery, customer service is very good, five-star praise.

  4. Especially good clothes, but also...The clothes is similar, cuffs and collar and clothes if you can perfect the whole cloth
    There is my clothes drop long, short legs, but did not have to say, super good
    Very good, is the quality of general! Will the ball!
    Good yo,

    Okay, just a little big! But the quality is good!
    Especially good clothes, but also to buy a

  5. The quality of the skirt is beyond...Logistics ultra fast, separated from the province received third days, the quality is very good, very vertical texture

    Dress very good quality, I bought three layers of yarn, autumn wear tights to match this dress is too beautiful, high quality and inexpensive, it is worth buying!
    Customer service is really good, and she stressed must be sent to the national day, really give me to strive for the fastest. At the same time give me good advice. The skirt of paper of good quality, good work, good version. Color is the color of the color
    Really good Oh, very heavy, very vertical, work is also very good. Light sand color dark, bad control, it is estimated that people like very much like, it seems that you should buy nude powder.
    The skirt is good, the cloth material quality is good, the drop is elegant, once bought one, this time buys two. Very satisfied, 5 points!
    The quality of the skirt is beyond imagination, very vertical, three layer of heavy. Color is very positive, particularly good-looking

When your Christmas tree wants to be in the shot so you gotta accommodate it by only taking a selfie with half your face😜🎄 Merry Christmas everyone!🎅🏼🎁💋…

When your Christmas tree wants to be in the shot so you gotta accommodate it by only taking a selfie with half your face😜🎄 Merry Christmas everyone!🎅🏼🎁💋…

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