1. The quality is OK, but all the...There is no picture looks good, — from the sale of three shoes, this fabric is the worst, no bad habits, is not easy, barely praise it!
    Do not wear looked okay
    Due to family problems, until now to evaluate the shoes, walk very relaxed, size is accurate, long time wearing feeling a little stuffy.
    It's too slow for the elderly. I thought I lost it
    Very good, logistics is also very fast, to buy my mother, like!
    The quality is OK, but all the glue on the outside

  2. The taste is very heavy, heavy...The model received a late evaluation and was satisfied
    Hope to do more activities ha
    The quality is OK, the taste is big, dry for several days
    The quality is good, but the courier service is too bad
    Received a few days, too busy no time to comment, you can also, is a good light light
    The taste is very heavy, heavy clothes are hung down is to live

  3. Very beautiful 8Much lighter than I thought! Feel expensive
    The seller had a good attitude though a little bit but the seller quickly responded to me and promised to give one more foot:
    Good looking, good quality, like a picture
    Good looking, good quality, no problem,,
    Seller shipping speed is very fast, packaging quality is also very good, the price is very affordable, I hope to be useful to the user to consider this one, I feel pretty good.
    Very beautiful 8

  4. Baby good quality logistics soon...Received the goods, there are local damage, but fortunately not very serious
    Bought with a model. Good packaging!
    Baby disassembly convenient, very strong, no smell, the next will patronize
    Baby is very happy to receive, delivery speed is relatively fast, the quality is also very satisfied, touch is also very feel! Very satisfied!
    The goods arrived, no smell, and the packaging is very tight, no flaws, good disassembly and assembly, the boss asked many questions, very patiently explained to me, the attitude is very good oh!
    Baby good quality logistics soon to the next need to have to choose this home

  5. The baby is very good service...Taiwan people are particularly good, the base can intermediate can also a leg to wear trousers to arm is also very good, the elbow is a little loose, I shop tutor a turn on good and tight more to logistics is also very fast, double eleven bought so many th
    Model is very good, buy a bag, practical

    Baby received, in particular, the model is also good to wear, the owner is also the owner of the special iron core, can give good advice, like the need to start pro!

    Has not been to the store to see the real goods, I heard that good, is some flavor. The arrival rate is particularly fast. Time to go to the store to see, consider getting a.
    Can also be a high price is a little taste ventilation for a few days
    The baby is very good service attitude, the store also fast delivery, good special effects on clothes

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