1. Exquisite gold hollow flower...Exquisite gold hollow flower Korean fashion trendsetter female retro ring ring finger

  2. Hot fashion simple atmospheric...Hot fashion simple atmospheric hollow ultra-fine wire Bracelet watches exquisite female fashion watch students watch table

  3. South Korea large crystal chaton...South Korea large crystal chaton bowknot hairpin spring clip clip clip flower Ponytail Hair Accessories exquisite simplicity

  4. new winter Korean delicate eight...new winter Korean delicate eight sleeve loose knit stitching pleated fringe all-match thin

    Contracted with a small design of the knitting! Loose straight version, or are easy to control, so that the length of the sleeve eight sleeve, sleeve type loose, ultra thin, cover the belly covered arm, what also don't worry, daring to wear! Close knit, texture is very good, very handsome. Pleated cuff and hem stitching design is bright, delicate with a little feminine, less than half of high -, casual wear is a Korean fan, a slim collocation leggings, can go out ~ the United States and the United States

  5. The European Silu winter women's...The European Silu winter women's cashmere cashmere sweater female unique delicate shoulder dribbling embroidery sweater slim women

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