1. Feeling a little fade, will run up...Feel a little small.
    Underwear is better than underwear?
    Express brother very fast, customer service is also very polite, wrapped tight is not broken, the baby is very good good quality, good next time will continue to patronize the store?
    Very good, buy a small, customer service is a very timely solution to the problem to a friend, and he bought two, the quality of feeling good!!!
    I want to buy a bigger one!
    Feeling a little fade, will run up in short, praise it.

  2. Good quality. Very satisfied,...Baby is very good, very thick!
    Baby received, very thick. Wear very beautiful
    Good quality material, no color bar, very satisfied
    Style generous, favorite
    Good quality. Very satisfied, there is a need to come.
    Good quality. Very satisfied, there is a need to come.

  3. That's great. I want itVery good, perfect
    Okay, the material is good
    Can be very good
    Very good, very good, very good, the figure sent an e-mail
    Well, a few dollars so much material, save a lot of time in his collection, efficiency first, praise!
    That's great. I want it

  4. Thank you, although not open!...Bucuo
    Yes, seconds, save time and effort
    Cheap can be used very good although no one talk to me but what is good
    Unfortunately, can not be used on my computer, after the opening is a whole, only to see the effect, can not replace the material
    Practical material, fancy titles effects. Only on the version and the computer are required, premiereCC and high profile computer
    Thank you, although not open! Asked the customer service customer service has been ignored me, but I think who is not easy. Or to the customer service of this kind of killing also ignore attitude to a five points!

  5. There are a lot of pot templates,...This store boss is very good, very careful person is also very important, did not hold back home he bought a lot of template, strongly recommended!
    Value, very beautiful
    After payment, the relevant links and passwords will be sent over, very good.
    Easy to use, collect material dedicated, good-looking
    That is 69, almost 2/3 of no dynamic, and white make up the numbers and needs to be improved.
    There are a lot of pot templates, some very beautiful, some really general

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