1. The quality of the clothes is very...Clothing is not appropriate, the fabric is too poor, the results returned, the buyer received the goods, the results are not shipped to the present!
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    Originally did not hold much hope, but received the quality of the clothes is really very good, satisfied
    The clothes is very good, do not know will not pilling.
    This dress is so beautiful, and it's very fast, and the price is so cheap.
    The quality of the clothes is very good, the color is positive, no color difference, price concessions, like.

  2. The clothes are very nice, I am...The quality is very good, it was cold! Get ready! Ha-ha
    Material is very comfortable
    35 yuan is very suitable
    A little big
    Cheap and fine
    The clothes are very nice, I am very satisfied, the size of the right, comfortable to wear, the next time to come to this shop, good!

  3. Bigger than expectedWarm and comfortable
    The store fast delivery, quality okay baby.
    The store fast delivery, a winter wear, first!
    The boss is very warm, very timely delivery, the logistics is awesome, what is love.
    There is no imagination
    Bigger than expected

  4. Mountain climbing, wearing is very...The quality is very good, the red is exquisite, the logistics is very quick, very satisfied
    A good new year travel use, the quality is very good, very comfortable wearing
    Yesterday received after the baby, can not wait to use, because fear is not genuine stars, but also specifically to query about the security code, confirm after assured. Because it is a woman, the legs are very thin, with a spring bracket before, due to th
    With a really good, had to buy a brother, now let me give him back
    Legs thick, and then a little bigger is better.
    Mountain climbing, wearing is very convenient, the material is very soft and elastic, down legs can ease the pain, very satisfied

  5. Too small, too small drawer!Something good, that is, logistics is too slow, but also hope to improve
    Good quality use
    Well, just came back to sort things out, very good
    White looks good
    Baby received more like.
    Too small, too small drawer!

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This user does not fill in the evaluation. - 2017-02-16

Good thing is to have a data
It is worth buying very clear
Very good material
Can be used. Solve a lot of problems, not expensive.
Template is very atmospheric, easy to modify, affordable, must be praised
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This user does not fill in the evaluation.
A very fashionable sweater, clothing collocation is a fan. Good quality.

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