1. How can a small expansion hanger...The quality is very good, so cheap it is really worth, the expansion is also very comfortable, very satisfied

    Upon receipt of the goods box have been broken, OK quality clothes
    Good, very satisfied, the seller also gave 5, same quality
    The coat hanger has been received. It's beautiful! Logistics soon
    The store is good, serious and responsible

    How can a small expansion hanger going to buy a super good quality

  2. Baby very goodGood quality
    Good quality ah
    Can also be a little soft not too stable
    Good value for money
    Give her daughter a toy box
    Baby very good

  3. Very good, very strongYes, logistics is also very fast. Good quality
    I want the size, quality is also very good
    This shop is not suitable for business, asked them a few questions on the vexed, and the quality is very bad, very soft
    For a friend, opened Malatang with friends, very satisfied
    Things are good, the price is right
    Very good, very strong

  4. The quality is OK, express speed....Fortunately, there is no imagination
    The value of personal feeling, it is large enough, can be used as a bedside cabinet

    Material is strong, fast delivery
    Very good, no taste, good quality.
    There is no imagination.
    The quality is OK, express speed. I have been unable to Tucao, almost more than and 20 days, quite Speechless...

  5. Quality is worthy of this price,...Ask a question, more than and 20 minutes is not back, the arrival of the lid to see the broken! No one answered the phone, so the seller is really speechless! Taobao many times, the first encounter such a!

    Double eleven to buy, 20 days after delivery, to not more than five kg is not the delivery package car hold delivery can not let himself back, friends to help take over, the children really don't go off. I have bought the same paragraph before delivery
    Baby has received, I feel very good Oh, the installation is very simple.

    Not bad, but also, a little bit big, but just not too big or small

    Praising, super good! Good color! Good service! Logistics fast! No taste, rest assured to buy!

    Quality is worthy of this price, the handle is their own installation, the feeling is not strong, but want to stack in the same as the above, I think if you can not bear too heavy

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