1. Pants received, especially good...Received the baby, the quality of carrying the shoulder, the son got to try the next good like, wash last night, this morning did not look at the dry, would like to wear. Big love
    Below 15° a pair of pants, warm
    Hello pro! Thank you very much for your comments, we can get your recognition, but our greatest pursuit! You say this line is a normal phenomenon, which is the characteristics of this fabric. Because this fabric is a composite fabric, the surface is pure c

    If the legs is such a warm winter creases, the effect is good, a pair of trousers on the line to estimate. This form of too much flattered

    Height 173, weight 120L just good
    Pants received, especially good quality. Bought two, buy small, and change. Customer service attitude is also very good, mail back for large and mail back. It's too much to buy such a good pair of trousers at this price. This winter is enough.

  2. Can feel, logistics can alsoFor my brother, I like it very much
    Have bought it fourth times.
    Very good, breathable
    I really bad quality
    Is that ok?
    Can feel, logistics can also

  3. The clothes received very...95 yuan to buy your mother Mingbi it to your home buying Mingbi.

    It's junk buyers, quality is too low, you apply for return, all for the wrong reasons for applying for a replacement, we refused, then did not fill in the sent back to express a single number, directly ask us to refund, we can say, let him apply for a mome
    Unscrupulous businessmen do not speak the credit return of the goods the seller has not received the goods receipt of the said time is to buy fake trousers is 85 yuan shipping I paid for that let me plus 10 yuan freight park now don't give me a refund serv
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    The clothes received very satisfactory size to fit the logistics to praise awesome

  4. Good quality.Not bad
    Not bad
    A big yard
    Big can not wear
    Not bad
    Good quality.

  5. Buy many times, every time with...Very thin, consider the winter wear carefully, the attitude is good.
    Very good, very suitable! Don't worry about this winter
    The seller is very reputable, and very good service. Absolutely.
    I'm 157, 52.5, too big, too big, too big! To her husband, he wore just, he 165135 pounds, I see the code is a sign, but really great!!! The trousers are still comfortable! Buy a pair of pants with her husband, ha ha
    I was fat, the first online store to buy clothes, recommend suitable.
    Buy many times, every time with satisfaction.

audemarspiguet chromehearts 年末最後の散財

audemarspiguet chromehearts 年末最後の散財

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