1. Is still very good, the quality is...Quality is very good, very fine workmanship, very good seller, and the seller described the same color, wear and fit, very satisfied with satisfaction
    This color is super nice, the material is also very comfortable. The number is just right, thank you.
    The clothes fit, simple and elegant, but also the quality of leverage is worth buying
    Baby received a very good logistics is very fast packaging is also very good seller service attitude is a good online shopping next time
    The clothes arrived, the quality is good. It's very nice and comfortable to wear. Wash do not fade, it is love.
    Is still very good, the quality is ok! Well, there is a need to come again, it is recommended!

  2. Just a little tightCan also bar
    And imagine the difference is still there, but the seller is very warm oh
    It's good to wear two balls
    It's good to wear two balls
    Can also bar
    Just a little tight

  3. Baby received, good, like the...Good, good
    Yes, the size is appropriate
    It's too big to use
    Baby received, very satisfied, logistics is also very awesome, praise!
    Yes, five-star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Baby received, good, like the store description. Logistics is awesome.

  4. Not bad, pretty good! Very...OK to buy the family but did not use Kazakhstan to be added Oh customer service enthusiasm
    Have a great effect on the protection and treatment of waist belt, business service attitude is very good, fast and good logistics service.
    Fever is very fast, with warm, very comfortable
    Baby received, in particular, like, express particularly fast, with a look, feel particularly good,
    The seller does not heat, poor service, cheated, not to not let star evaluation, do not want to give a present
    Not bad, pretty good! Very comfortable heating.

  5. Pretty good qualityIt's very thick
    It's very thick
    very good
    This is a good price,
    Logistics fast, is the second time to buy, the price is cheap
    Pretty good quality

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