1. Put on just rightThe pants are really great, and the line is good
    Well, the recommended code is a little big
    Feeling a little bigger than the average s
    The trousers are very nice.
    Pants quality is very good, do not fade, like, very good-looking.
    Put on just right

  2. The quality is very good, strong...As in the past the trousers is good, has bought a white, I feel particularly good, baby wear is very beautiful, and then take the black, do not fade serious or not, I want to point out how much dark color bar, the pants I just photographed the seller will
    Very satisfied with her Leggings received, fabric is very comfortable, wash also does not shrink, the main love daughter

    The quality is very good, very cheap, do not fade, has bought two pieces, very good

    The trousers are very nice and work well. A little longer nothing, very satisfied. Bought two to change the baby, wearing a moderate thickness will not be very stupid.
    Good, strong elasticity, self-cultivation. Children are very happy to wear, strongly recommended
    The quality is very good, strong elastic wearing very suitable, cheap, very satisfied!

  3. A bad time to buyAlready bought several.
    Read other comments suggested that 120CM buy 130 of the high, good quality, a satisfactory shopping, the next time to come.
    Praise, very satisfied with the quality and size are good

    The pants are good.

    Quality can be, did not expect this price can buy so cheap pants, value, the next time you come home to buy, five-star praise
    A bad time to buy

  4. Pants are really good, packaging...It's very comfortable and very elastic!
    Fabric is not too good, wearing some itch
    Help students to buy a good
    A little suspended but very flexible
    It is perfectly comfortable.
    Pants are really good, packaging or intentions, the fitness equipment on the future

  5. Pants than want to better, fabric...For the first time on the Internet to buy pants, I did not expect such a good quality elasticity, the most important thing is the price is low, it is worth buying, thank you very much for the size of the boss is very suitable!

    Super good, love. Nice. Cheap. The love quickly orders. Really good cheap buy again next time.

    Love this pants, no color, material is very comfortable, wear is also very fit.
    Bag received the style like color like texture like to wear comfortable next time
    Pants version is very good, very thin, very like, ready to start a black, because I usually wear the code of the pants are basically a bit too large, but this code just wear, praise.
    Pants than want to better, fabric soft, daughter like don't want. There is a need to come back. Client is very good. Value of A. Total five points

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