1. This autumn pants my daughter is...Fast delivery, the price is cheap, the quality is not bad?.
    Very satisfied, the color is also very good, logistics is also very fast, the fabric is comfortable, satisfied! Bought 3 times.
    Very good, very good, very thick, should be very warm to wear.
    Baby is very good, it is like the 22, to the seller
    Praise! It is so cheap to wear fashion, gave 5 rubber rings, all 5 points!
    This autumn pants my daughter is very satisfied with the main fabric is very good and affordable. The next time you visit.

  2. Logistics fast, customer service...Very good, must praise, daughter very much like?
    Quality is very good
    Quite a nice pair of trousers.
    Quality is good, it is a good deal
    As always good, bought eight good quality
    Logistics fast, customer service attitude is good, something early to get through to evaluate, the quality is good, like the quick start.

  3. Nice and warm and bright,...It can also be a white elastic band
    It's comfortable to wear
    Good quality, very good, very compact, like
    Good quality, the price is very close to the people.
    Pants quality is good, it is worth buying!

    Nice and warm and bright, flashing, love!

  4. Baby is consistent with the...Nice pants

    Nice pants

    Praise, really very good, very appropriate, listening to the customer service, very good
    Just received, express quite fast, and imagine almost?
    Baby is consistent with the description, logistics is also very fast, very like.

  5. Shorts is very good, very good...Good at ten shorts, to buy things like a few yuan things look really good, please buy.
    Feeling can also be much better than the quality of the imagination, the size is just right
    Received, very satisfied, very good quality, good.
    The quality is very good, very thin, very value, cousin to see me look good, but also bought a
    Feel very comfortable, nothing, the color is not cheap
    Shorts is very good, very good quality?? I suffer from outside can not take pictures???

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