1. Really unexpected! Really good!...Well, listen to the material comfortable, just a little taste
    Gold coins plus two for one, super good!! Good quality, soft, color is.
    Great, better than expected, very cost-effective
    A lot of mother, aunt and grandmother one person?
    The color is good, feel good
    Really unexpected! Really good! Praising

  2. The bag is really good looking...Ready to start with a red
    Match the picture
    The baby is very good seller who will come again!
    Quite like the convenience of colleagues say good-looking
    Pretty, my girlfriend is very happy
    The bag is really good looking very much like.

  3. Very good things, the seller's...The arrival is very fast, the quality is very good, good shop, recommended ~!

    Has been washed, feeling good oh
    Has been washed, feeling good oh
    Very good, very thick, very heavy in the hand, the upper body is also good

    Good quality is also very good with pictures as the ball does not fade
    Very good things, the seller's service attitude is good, value for money!

  4. Yes, it's been a long timeToday go out wearing a shawl, walking in the road, autumn day, bright, green leaves are dyed red, like the scarf color, elegant yet enchanting, the sun through the autumn color on the body shed a mottled, as if heaven and earth, all in the quiet, calm the

    The ice house scarf is beautiful, I can not describe the beautiful beautiful, too shallow, can only be used to praise the beautiful, bought a lot. All the beautiful love, every moment with the body, have to return to the ancient feeling so nostalgic, so cl

    Very good?
    A scarf, very much like!
    The quality is good, that is, shipments slow
    Yes, it's been a long time

  5. Although a lot of days, but the...For a long time not to wear good-looking red ball
    A little expensive, but very good, even a small card, intimate
    Very good, no pilling
    The sweater is very soft and comfortable!
    Is love, gave praise.
    Although a lot of days, but the sweater is really great ~ the blue color is not wearing ~ also feel particularly comfortable ~ when the ride is certainly great ~!

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