1. Rough fabric, the inside of the...Baby received a courier, so fast, the clothes are fit, or the quality of the good at the Rice porridge!!

    Pro, wearing inappropriate clothing or a problem can contact us with quality Oh, can apply for refunds for you, our shop to purchase shipping insurance for buyers, buyers of a penny Pro not return shipping freight. Every transaction, we are the selection i
    Clothes can be bought, has a bad smell, the clothes soak for a week by washing powder, taste is not completely disappear. But the clothes are warm. The effect can also be worn.
    Thick clothes, no color, wearing a very slim

    Quality can also be a little big good-looking
    Rough fabric, the inside of the hair is not very good, the price is expensive. Accustomed to.

  2. Clothes received, very beautiful,...The clothes fit well! Praise!
    The clothes received, the quality is very good, just can not wait to receive a try, very fit, like a tailored, stylish clothes, like the husband I was wearing this dress fit straight, recommend you to buy, thank the boss and express rapidly, praise out, un

    Received a kiss, love is prepared in advance, not expensive, good material, the version is very good, very nice style, fashion, fine workmanship, soft and thick fabric drape, wearing very temperament, fast delivery, again at will,
    Very beautiful clothes, no color, wear very slim, love?
    Style is very beautiful, quality is very good, and the size is appropriate, very good.
    Clothes received, very beautiful, version is my favorite type, very happy shopping!

  3. Clothes are very satisfied with...Praise
    Comfortable enough big haha

    Very loose fan, exquisite details!

    Thank you for helping me change the size of the store, great service attitude!
    The coat is of good quality, the color is very nice, the style is also very like, very satisfied!
    Clothes are very satisfied with the opening, whether it is color or style are beautiful, customer service, or I have satisfied with the words, I hope to cooperate again 5 points must be

  4. The skirt can't say thin, after...Good quality leather skirt, very thin, I was afraid to tear the zipper in the back is really difficult to pull, the meat is not very belly words cover the meat, or rough. On the whole it is worth buying. I am 164.140 pounds legs thick family
    Not looking good
    Personal feeling is not worth
    Work is also very good, that is a little fat, but also, very long, but things can still, you can buy a,

    Give praise, I quite like
    The skirt can't say thin, after all he was in that place, but also no significant fat dwarf stamp, 171 high 200 pounds of fat Mai Jiaxiu

  5. Very good. Very beautiful, than...This is the first section to help friends buy N, really good ~ ~ ~ ~
    The front is pretty, but there's some overlap.
    Very beautiful, fabric, workmanship are good!
    Yes, I like it. It would be better if I had a lining.
    The skirt is not bad, just a little longer.
    Very good. Very beautiful, than the same dress shop cheaper, good,

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