1. Okay, need to transform yourself,...With a lot of days, the quality is very good, very like
    With a lot of days, the quality is very good, very like
    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Something good
    To send me the orange white light thing is just the small turtle
    Okay, need to transform yourself, praise.

  2. Not used to look goodVery good, cheap gave things.
    Daughter is 2 years old, just in front
    Not bad, the size is appropriate,
    Hair is bad, can't fold
    Can not fold other good
    Not used to look good

  3. Very good, not installedThings can also, logistics wife too slow.
    A child is just
    A child is just
    very good
    Good use.
    Very good, not installed

  4. Things can alsoReally is not very good, it is recommended or traditional
    Delivery is fast, the design is clever, very strong
    Well, the accessories are complete and the installation instructions are detailed
    Installed a good oh
    Not bad, it's not a problem
    Things can also

  5. With no tools to help with the...The quality is very good, the level of the length can be adjusted, easy installation, large stores service attitude is very good love!
    Things are very good, very convenient, easy to install. It's very convenient for the children to sit up.

    The quality is good, but their own can not pretend to be too lazy to retire.
    Okay, but should several mediation hole height can be better adjusted!
    Is not installed, to give a good first
    With no tools to help with the repair shop

Very good line

Very good line - 2017-03-30

A little flaw but does not affect the use, is a model smell bad ventilation for a few days or some inside the foam is not dense bift Taiwan is not very good. Customer service attitude is good
Very appropriate, that is, when the installation effort, should first look at the map in the Internet, logistics giant slow, 4 days after the Beijing hit the customer service phone to send, do not use every day courier, we do not reflect well

Confirmed that the late Taiwan is not bad

The quality is very good
That's really good
Very good line

Very good line
The quality is very good, very strong and very grade, there are lights, design is very beautiful, like.

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