1. Mad pull cool hanging fried daysReally good ah, the seller is also very good very resistant
    The seller is very patient, the former brake rotten from the new sent me a
    A good start is not installed but the customer service to video installed very quickly
    Not loaded yet
    The brake moment is good, stopped.
    Mad pull cool hanging fried days

  2. This user does not fill in the...This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    The moon is not full color Cangwu Baiyun worry to sink sea dew fine flower Spring Moon Song blowing in Zhaoyang temple incense
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Received, but also
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

  3. Something very good, the quality...Other do not say, logistics really fast! Fast! Fast! A surprise shopping

    Something good

    Brake and transmission line is long enough, the casing is sufficient, the black head is PVC, easy to slip, enough
    Yes, the original friction is too heavy! The strength is small not to move! Now for this, really good! Good sliding effect!
    The last transmission line quality is good, very good use, this time to buy the brake line. Through courier as in the past the awesome. Five star!
    Something very good, the quality is very good, the next time, very satisfied with a shopping!

  4. Okay, install the stool is...It has been installed, the quality is good, very strong, if the screws in the plastic bag is more perfect
    The product is not very stable, will sway, do not know unsafe. But on the whole it's okay.
    I'm sorry to confirm receipt later, has been installed in the use of a particularly good, baby sit very stable.
    Not bad。 Is swinging back and forth. Fixed that a little loose. Habit
    Children's seat for several days, and did not come back to the grade, the quality is very good, cheaper than the store, the baby is very happy to do.
    Okay, install the stool is inclined, old baby to decline, there is no manual, complete the feel!

  5. Just arrived on the husband...Mountain bike seat there must be a few weeks around the tire rubber ring. Proposed mountain bike do not buy, not easy to use. Not worth. Disassembly trouble. Originally wanted to give bad reviews, but it is not easy to do business. Forget it
    I'm sorry to be late. I'm so busy with my exams. I forgot. The quality is very good. When I bought my son, he said he liked it very much.
    Good good child is love, is wrong should not choose a guardrail, fence because bit the way adults put a bad leg. Everything else is good
    Well, kids after school let her try.

    Good things, but the logistics is slag, super slow, like walking a 4,5 day, when receiving the package also let people down a part, can see the things inside, to a commentary to the store I can pay attention to the evaluation, nothing to do with the qualit
    Just arrived on the husband installed on the baby with the rest assured. Excellent。 It would be better if you could have two pads

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