1. Clothes have been received, and...Good quality, reasonable price, quick logistics and good sellers
    The price of popular YY, the quality is very good, I am quite satisfied with the style and fabric. If necessary, I will continue to visit your shop!
    The goods have been received, the quality is good, the feeling is also good, I am very satisfied with your shop and goods are worthy of trust next time to patronize the purchase of five points.
    The treasurer of the service attitude is good, fast delivery. The quality of the goods is pretty good. Too much, thank you!
    Received, good quality, novel style, good seller described as awesome logistics, the seller enthusiasm
    Clothes have been received, and the picture, there is no color difference, version of super good, customer service attitude is good, very good seller, next time! Hey, very satisfied with an online shopping!

  2. Not bad! Right front pocket not...Good, good. , very satisfied
    Received the goods, the quality is not bad, very good-looking. Like!
    The quality is very good, the husband is also very handsome, ha ha! I wish the store Business Flourishes
    Very good quality clothes, very satisfied with a shopping
    A woolen coat is worth buying

    Not bad! Right front pocket not sewed, a small mouth, they spend a little money, called mending stitch, with customer service, I mean to return, the trouble is no retreat, the attitude can be! Rough clothes work.

  3. Beautiful skirt. Love it。...Version is good, affordable, very like
    Quality can also be very vertical sense
    Very good Oh, put on a very fairy!
    The skirt is very satisfactory
    The second time you don't have to know!
    Beautiful skirt. Love it。 Express very fast. Yet again

  4. Touching the fabric is very...That's pretty good. Maybe I'm thin. I'm a little big.
    Very fairy, a little bit, not affected, more comfortable, praise
    Pretty good, oh well,
    Customary praise
    The quality is very good, very Xian wear on the body, very temperament, cold words a day if a cloak is really beautiful
    Touching the fabric is very comfortable and the problem is also a good solution will come back later

  5. Just put on, try a good effect....I like the dress, it's the one I want!

    The dress is very warm, very thick, but without any velvet.
    Buy big, so return, style looks good, but the fabric is not like
    Delivery is very fast, received a try, very fit, very warm

    A little bit of their own cut a piece to wear very good
    Just put on, try a good effect. But for 172cm 58kg skirt is not long enough to be a little tight, and other good

And the picture is pretty good length is also quite good

And the picture is pretty good length is also quite good - 2017-04-03

Feel very heavy, winter wear is very warm, but the waist is very tight, this morning braced it is easy to crack. Upper body effect is pretty good clothes are also easy to take 1 m 5 sister wearing high heels is no problem.
Dress very thick, the color is also not significantly old-fashioned atmosphere, love

The clothes are comfortable and do not bite at all

And the picture is pretty good length is also quite good

And the picture is pretty good length is also quite good
Just put on the right, generally good!

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