1. The quality is good, but also very...For this dress, I just want to say a word!!!
    Cheap, non pilling, wear comfortable, good
    Waist circumference is small, the skirt is good. Is willing to sticky hair
    The dress looks is very long, but it was okay, very thick.
    The skirt is very big, beautiful dancer
    The quality is good, but also very thick velvet. Very comfortable。

  2. The quality is very good...Baby soon received, the seller shipped quickly, and the picture, the quality is very good,
    Good attitude! Very patient, the recommended size is right, thank you, the store will patronize!
    Look good for a long time
    Put on the coat a receipt, the seller is awesome, wrong, just a few cold can wear wool quality is very good, very comfortable to wear, very warm, very positive number, size, type, waist was thin, temperament, like a ~

    Color is too large. Where is the yellow! I suspect that received all child care. Poor quality. Will wear several ball.
    The quality is very good packaging, quality looks very good, no color difference! Customer service is very patient answer! Next time you need to come

  3. Service attitude I feel good, but...Exceptionally good quality, feels very comfortable, the feeling of value for money!
    Wear the first button on the broken?!! Think twice before buying!!
    Wear the first button on the broken?!! Think twice before buying!!
    Not wearing beautiful super corduroy but her boyfriend said very good
    Nice to wear very comfortable

    Service attitude I feel good, but the clothes made buttons on the bad, I hope the seller before shipment inspection, customer service also said to give me the money to repair the repair button, but a few pieces of money I did not say. Then the key is that

  4. This is the secondBaby received very satisfied, wearing comfortable fabrics and pictures are paid.
    I bought two, very good, a little longer than the black gray

    Thick, soft, very worthy of
    Better than imagined, soft, thick, waist is larger, other satisfaction
    The skirt is soft and comfortable
    This is the second

  5. Yeah, pretty goodPretty good, logistics speed. The thickness is also okay. Pretty good
    Dress quality is really good, the store service attitude is also very good, a very satisfactory shopping!
    Pretty good。
    Yeah, pretty good

The fabric is good!

The fabric is good! - 2017-04-03

Buy big, do not know can not change!
The children came to open the wear test, very suitable, logistics is also fast, praising

Pants is good, high quality and inexpensive, logistics is also very fast, praising
Very good very good very important thing to say three times!
The model stores give advice, the size is appropriate, express quickly, praise!
The fabric is good!

The fabric is good!
Feel good advice to buy

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