1. My son likes to go out without...Thank you for my help store, originally also shipped the wrong address, then contact each other, to address changed back, now a receipt, thank you
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Baby is very satisfied with the quality is very good, like you can buy!
    Father said that adults can also
    Shoot too much, but the quality is good, very comfortable.
    My son likes to go out without washing

  2. This user does not fill in the...Really feel not ideal, pictures and objects far! No elasticity, zipper buckle is not good, cloth quality is not good, pocket openings
    Hello, thank you for your support to our ~ seven pants you buy this summer is thin, loose version, micro elastic combed cotton fabric, and not to your imagination is to stretch the tight pants, describe the pictures and text are also very clear and accurat
    Not very ideal
    Good fried chicken service attitude, the quality is not to say
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

  3. Not bad?Can thin
    Goods arrived, very satisfied.
    Pants are very good quality and like the seller is also very good service attitude
    Always good. Old customer
    All of a sudden to buy 6, ha ha, very good Oh, good style, cheap, quality can also be the next time
    Not bad?

  4. A little slow can alsoSeller service attitude is great. Old customer. As always good. Thanks
    It's nice to wear it on my feet,
    I love it. It's just the right size
    Very good very good
    Not good bad courier is still slow, such as two weeks
    A little slow can also

  5. He thought he could not see that...The shoes are very good, very good-looking, the insole is also good, has the elasticity, the sole is very soft, wears very comfortable, the customer service is very good!
    The shoes have been received, soft, husband dress just right, the color is also nice.

    Sole is not rubber, is similar to foam easy to slip. Limited service life, but also on the price
    Express is very responsible, I want to sign. The shoe size is suitable, the style family likes very much, is wearing the comfortable.

    Received goods can not wait to put on, the price can buy such quality shoes really surprised. Praise ~

    He thought he could not see that he liked to say that the shoes are very comfortable.

Good quality next time must come???

Good quality next time must come??? - 2016-12-26

Quality is OK, feeling a bit thin
It is worth buying, high quality and inexpensive, cotton, other stores a so much money
It is made of cotton, good quality, but also to the next
75 yards long, suitable for next year
Is pure cotton, good quality, it is worth buying
Good quality next time must come???

Good quality next time must come???
Have been accustomed to praise, but to start with comrades to pay attention to, trousers running oh

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