1. Colleagues to buy, colleagues...It's very nice. The sweater is very nice
    Quality, style is great!
    Good clothes are suitable for me
    Baby received super good! It's the third time! Fabulous!
    Garbage fighting chicken, had to retreat to think about it, throw away.
    Colleagues to buy, colleagues like. Thank you for the next time to patronize the shopkeeper.

  2. Clothes color is good, quality is...The quality is not bad. It's very stylish. Buy orange, very good-looking.
    The sweater is very beautiful, bright color. Generous style, feel good oh
    Good quality clothing fabric, wearing a very atmospheric
    Shawl is very beautiful, the quality is good, wear very atmosphere, friends say good-looking, unique temperament.
    Dressed very temperament, very modern, very thick, very good quality satisfaction
    Clothes color is good, quality is good, the price is not expensive, very satisfied, the next will patronize oh

  3. goodClothes are very suitable, with the clothes look good

    Color is serious, very small
    Received the goods, no pictures, very satisfied, I wish the business is booming?

    Can only say that it is sloppy, line condition.
    Good clothes, good quality


  4. Very comfortable, close, warm,...When I get really white ah, especially the sleeves, washed yesterday, did not find out the hair
    The clothes are very good.

    Very comfortable to wear, the focus is the boyfriend habits
    Very comfortable to wear, the focus is the boyfriend habits
    The material and I think is not the same, but it can also be.. The sleeves are a little fat

    Very comfortable, close, warm, soft, a lot of very dense and thick fur, the hair, the sleeve design is particularly cheap, cost-effective.

  5. I am here, now the day is 12...The clothes is very good, very thick, I most afraid of the cold winter of this year is that a pair of trousers can winter! To buy a daughter and her husband to buy a, if there are small, to buy a son! Parents rest assured to buy it!
    Originally intended to buy for children, but wearing crotch short, a little thin, keep myself wearing, wearing 158CM, 58kg is appropriate, the quality can be a little expensive.
    Give yourself, male and younger brother tickets per person, male ticket and a brother who thought the waist is too low, take in the hips, uncomfortable, so men still do not buy, not comfortable. Ladies wearing trousers take in the hips, not very cool.
    Yes, it's very thick, super good, very like, wear one is enough, super thick super thick, will come back ~!

    Buy big, blame me wrong ' comments. Too lazy to change. The quality is good, the next should be a s or M.

    I am here, now the day is 12 degrees below zero, wear is not a bit cold, there is a thin wearing leggings, although very bloated but very warm.

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