1. Something goodVery good quality clothes, like that a few buttons, but also with a skirt

    I 157 cm40kg, thin, wearing the waist is too wide, no vertical sense! Appears to be very bloated, tired feel not love, send people
    Clothes are bought for her mother, the version is very good, not particularly tight kind, work very carefully, to tell the truth, this price can buy this kind of clothes is really very cost-effective, and mother is very satisfied!
    Tender color. Size accuracy. Hard material, does not seem to buckle, wear after half an hour would roll placket. Buttons with lace, ups and downs, buckle up difficult.
    Logistics is very fast, clothes received, the color is more like, very comfortable fabric, later to buy.

    Something good

  2. What is good value for money....Serious hair loss, two coats all I get in a complete mess
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

    The ball is serious, in a week or so, want to throw, not cheap, ah … … not easy habit.
    Sweater really grade, feel soft, comfortable to wear, feel good after home wash. Upper body effect! The neckline and cuffs of the design style is very fashionable. I like it very much better than it is in the store! Like can start! Worth buying!

    Personally think that the heart is not a cashmere sweater. And tag on the clothes are afraid to write. But the style is cashmere on. The quality can be. Also not really. Just put it.

    What is good value for money. Pretty good, recommended

  3. Not cashmere is not not, sweaters...Sweater is very beautiful, feel very good, very comfortable to wear, like!
    Baby is good, very comfortable to wear, like a!

    Sweater quality is good, feel good, the price is very suitable, logistics is also very awesome, like a
    The price is expensive, so expensive, I hope not the ball
    Dear, our 30 days no reason to return, since the feeling not cashmere can be returned to us, you do not have a return freight
    Not cashmere is not not, sweaters and cashmere without any false description of the relationship

  4. Yes, the quality is good. .Fashionable, good quality
    Very good, my friend immediately after I read a Book
    Baby received, the quality is quite good, I very love, the store is also good, the next time you come home
    Like the picture, the quality is good
    Very nice! Wear a good re evaluation?!
    Yes, the quality is good. .

  5. Good quality, the shoulder is...Will the ball
    Will the ball
    Thin clothes, if the thickness of the good,
    Several nail bead color off, into copper, not good-looking, good overall
    It is good especially soft elastic fabric very beautiful style and stores as described later will visit to Business Flourishes
    Good quality, the shoulder is narrow, will appear thick arms, shoulder people shop

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