1. Oh, very good, is too big,The shelf is good and the plastic is a little soft
    Look good
    In use after the stockpile, evaluation
    Has been used up, received 10, 20 can be removed, only too condensed, lack of express is too violent, get when it is open, fortunately things are not damaged

    What is a small thing to take a small towel or quite convenient, must be used to wipe clean clothes before, it is easy to hide dirt. The hanger is not convenient, my family can not hang up, can only be hung on the hanger.

    Oh, very good, is too big,

  2. This is good, very good use,...Do not use stockpile, the family said look good.
    Things too satisfied, especially the seller's service attitude is really good, all five stars is necessary, the next time there is a need to come to your house to buy
    Logistics very quickly, what is good, indeed very convenient. Praise!
    Good buy second times
    It looks good, high quality and inexpensive stockpile.
    This is good, very good use, quality is also very good

  3. Good hanger! Packing is very good,...Good quality
    Good quality
    The hanger is very good, is the corner where the extra hook always hook into the sweater.
    Seems a little short, not long enough
    Things look very good, not used, easy to buy.
    Good hanger! Packing is very good, has not started to hang clothes, should be good …

  4. Very beautiful, the price is very...The color is good, the thing is very good
    Well, it's the second time!
    Very good, very strong enough wide, very practical
    Yes, the value of the price
    Good quality, super cheap
    Very beautiful, the price is very real. Praise

  5. Good seller shipped soon, just...Quality is very good, very practical, space saving, express a little error, the seller in time to deal with, especially after the sale of good.
    Good things Oh, good quality, like, full marks?

    Things received, packaging is very good, things are intact, baby with thick, very satisfied! Seller service is super good!

    Very good, and beautiful, but also practical, inexpensive, the next time to buy a few
    The evaluation of a little late, but really good, just the right size, no smell, color is very nice with love do not miss yo
    Good seller shipped soon, just recently he is busy, confirmation of receipt of the late, what good quality, is a little taste, but their use after 84 washes into the balcony without the sun a little taste, bought a cover with a quality with a lid is not wr

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