1. Shoes, not bad Oh, very...Shoes quality is very good, her husband like?
    Quality is not said! Fabulous´╝ü
    Nice shoes.
    Baby received, the shoes are not bad, the price can buy such a nice shoes can be!

    Shoes received, can not wait to try the next, suitable, very fashionable, affordable, like
    Shoes, not bad Oh, very comfortable to wear, no smell, color is not large, to praise

  2. Just walk, feel comfortable, not...This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Appropriate size. Look at it!
    It's very comfortable to wear
    All the nice shoes, wear medium. Will continue to pay attention to the store.

    Try it, it's comfortable
    Just walk, feel comfortable, not tired, a great shopping

  3. Good shoesAbsolutely not is not me you say you are
    The shoes are of good quality, fashionable and comfortable
    Good quality, comfortable, and not what is the difference between genuine happiness!
    Yes, very much... This is second pairs.

    Good shoes, has been very confident in the harbor

    Good shoes

  4. Very nice shoes, very comfortable...The shoes are good, the work is great, and she bought them for me
    Shoes received! Wear two days, very comfortable, good style.
    Yes, the number standard, the quality is very good, very comfortable to wear
    Version is very positive, and the color is very positive, the same as the picture. Praise! Seller is also very good!
    The shoes are nice and good quality
    Very nice shoes, very comfortable to wear!

  5. I have used a look at the effect...The timely sent to us, very good
    A little.
    Good quality
    Good quality
    Very good, very like

    I have used a look at the effect of practical good quality with their own simple assembly. I love it. I sell my clothes, haha. Like a sister? WangJuan-C