1. Logistics is awesome, soon...Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    It fits well!
    I like it very much. My boyfriend likes it, too!!
    Do not wear fat or good quality Oh their clothes are very good
    Logistics soon Oh, yesterday came, wearing it, the size is just good Oh, very suitable, ten shops are preferential, high quality and inexpensive.. Praise
    Logistics is awesome, soon received clothes, the quality did not have to say, feel comfortable, satisfied

  2. Not badTo buy a friend, very good
    Clothes received, and her husband to buy a couple loaded, the first time to buy a very good quality, her husband is also very appropriate to wear, generous, in short, satisfied.
    Can also oh! Like logistics fast
    Very beautiful ~
    Not bad
    Not bad

  3. Logistics is slowWear clothes is very wet, the street can not see the chromatic and the same paragraph, I think, friends are very nice, I recommend to them to shop
    The service is not good
    Very good, a little thin wear better
    The size is too large, the material is not good, washed also fade, really not satisfied
    Also, different color or size is a little, but the difference is not big, buy a red, as a super class service good, Bang Bang Da waspatient, customer service explanation, hope the store business is getting better and better.
    Logistics is slow

  4. It's very nice. I like it very muchBaby received, like, you can print their favorite pattern, especially good
    Good quality, good service attitude of the seller, five-star praise
    Clothes received a very good look, good quality, the next will come back
    The clothes are of good quality and the clothes are comfortable.
    The quality is very good. Comfortable to wear. Like a
    It's very nice. I like it very much

  5. Photos are generally not clear the...Received very good Oh, good quality, logistics quickly, bubble for a while did not fade, it is recommended! Praise!
    Feel the quality of bang bang, will not fade, important is very cheap
    Like! Bought a lot of times, my sister said that they can also buy a kindergarten children
    Give it a try. Also satisfied. It's good but not expensive. Fabulous
    Appropriate size. Color comparison light gas. Pretty good。
    Photos are generally not clear the basic picture inside the child's face or black hope that the boss under the attention