1. Baby quality is too good fabric...The pants are good, but there are a lot of stains on the pants

    Very good, very good, very satisfied
    Colleagues to help his son to buy, pants really good, no color difference. Workmanship is very good!!
    Particularly good color is positive, elastic, looks fat fat
    The second purchase, pants style, quality is good, baby wear fit.
    Baby quality is too good fabric comfortable, I generally very little evaluation, this time is really satisfied

  2. Pretty good and cheapPraise is a bit slow
    Very comfortable to buy
    Very thick, very cost-effective
    Very well worth buying
    Can also be relatively thick
    Pretty good and cheap

  3. Ping, Liang, Zheng, goodYes, good!
    Pants look good, come back, let me wash, I do not know if you can wear comfortable, a few days to comment
    Well washed will not fade, rest assured that the purchase is worth buying! I bought more than four pieces of money will be a lot of underwear
    Wear comfortable, size is just fine
    Good quality
    Ping, Liang, Zheng, good

  4. The clothes are very good, the...The quality is very good, the child is very beautiful, there will be a need to come back
    Clothes quite good, is the rhyme service is too bad, do not have to find their own delivery
    Color is very large, quality in general, not worth
    Good quality clothes, and cashmere is also good, has been washed. Do not fade
    Children like it very much, and the colors are good
    The clothes are very good, the velvet is also very thick, comfortable to wear!

  5. Beautiful style, comfortable to...Very good, or good version
    Just right, good quality
    Buy many times, good
    Pretty good logistics
    Put on a particularly good-looking, young girl, my chest is small, did not find the effect is particularly good to wear, that is, the above lace a little bit of people
    Beautiful style, comfortable to wear, the shape is natural. And will not empty cup, after the underwear store was identified, and its underwear are quite good.

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