1. The clothes have been received,...The wrong point … has not received the goods …
    Good like, ha ha

    Good like, ha ha

    The clothes are very beautiful, the quality is super good, very thick, very like
    Hello, I'm very sorry, encountered quality problems if defects can contact us, to bear the costs of replacement to pro
    The clothes have been received, the logistics is satisfactory, but the collar is defective

  2. The material of clothes and...Take back on the test, the quality is very good, suitable size.
    Good, like the picture. Praising! Yet again
    Fast delivery, quality clothing version is very good, the store is also very patient, the price is high
    The fabrics and workmanship to see the manager really took the time, praise!
    Baby received it, very satisfied, quickly out of the new Oh ~!
    The material of clothes and pictures are different, very thin, leakage, is not worth the price. And the store said on the back now, when contact customer service we ignore people. Regret to praise, not true. Hate myself, should not be so greedy little chea

  3. Praise, but the fabric soft, very...Very good, good fabric.
    Version is very good, inexpensive
    Like!! I love this style!!
    Just too satisfied
    It is just fineļ¼ Fit
    Praise, but the fabric soft, very value, recommended to buy a favorite sister

  4. Very delicate, there are two bags,...Bag good drop, the quality of the lever, feel very good, five points, five points
    Very good, good enough, the color is, it is recommended to buy!
    Express soon, the package is very beautiful, good-looking not expensive
    The bag is very beautiful quality is also very good very love express speed is Bang Bang Da thank you enthusiastic seller
    Bag is very character, feel good, good quality
    Very delicate, there are two bags, very intimate

  5. More resistant to dirty barEvaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Very thick, with the same color as the picture, is a little fat
    Received, deeper color than the picture, okay
    Delivery pretty fast, although a little problem, but the customer service quickly resolved.

    Head off, also got a hair removal, is the capital of hair, wash wash off, logistics and super slow, is not worth the price, advised sisters buy carefully

    More resistant to dirty bar

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