1. Very good very elastic material is...It is a very good quality, has second times to buy, first sold 5 pieces, 2 pieces do not love, give back the seller without demur. Ultra beautiful pants, buttocks effect is very good. There is a rubber strip butt. But I don't feel uncomfortable
    Friends say that the body is good, all my gym clothes are her family
    The quality of the trousers is very good Oh, feel very comfortable, wear pretty handsome, very slim, go to the gym back rate high Oh, customer service attitude is very good, fast delivery, logistics is also very awesome, very satisfied, five points must pr
    Can be pink collocation dark clothes and shoes are really very photogenic. Love will buy!
    Height 160 weight of 49 kg, bought the M number is not tight, not loose, very good, there is a plan to buy another
    Very good very elastic material is very soft hip good European small sexy

  2. Trousers is good, quality is fine,...Bought a few feel good, good, like
    Large code is large, the color is positive, no color difference, good shrinkage, push to buy
    No pilling, wear very comfortable
    No pilling, wear very comfortable
    Good no friends, and the store ten dollars are good three
    Trousers is good, quality is fine, there is not a problem, today bought.

  3. ReceiveSatisfied, and like a picture without color, the quality is OK, not to wash, but should not deformation
    Good quality underwear, wear comfortable and no rims, together with good effect, the price ratio in the underwear shop to buy more strong, love can be assured to buy.
    Underwear quality, comfortable, better than I bought in the store
    Yes, later in your house to buy, like
    The quality is very good, very consistent with the seller described, very satisfied

  4. Feeling very comfortable, feeling...Like the picture, it looks good
    Comfortable to wear, very satisfied with a shopping, then bought second pieces
    Not bad, quality can!
    The baby has received, the quality is very good, the fabric is comfortable, with the seller description.
    Okay, better than expected
    Feeling very comfortable, feeling very beautiful, very satisfied

  5. This is great! Just like sizeThe clothes are very good, but also very thick, is that there is no picture so red, but in general is quite good, more affordable ~!
    The red fashion is beautiful, the quality is very good, thick, we are not too cold in winter in the south. Students say classic style, you can wear 3-4 years old.
    The quality is really bad, you don't want is cheap, cheap a.
    It is good to impress the pants did not fade away as saying was of poor quality thin pants didn't say no words color ugly no words no longer in online shopping to learn u0014u0004u0014u0004u0014u0004
    Mad so bad
    This is great! Just like size

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