1. Feel shy waitingThis user does not fill in the evaluation.
    This price is very value, before buying a similar, this time to buy, feel the quality is as good as before. I was 1 72 meters high, weighing 108 pounds, put on the code is just good, slightly shorter, but wearing blood boots are ok! Suitable for the kind o

    Very appropriate, the quality is not to say
    Second purchase, satisfaction.
    Second, like it,
    Feel shy waiting

  2. Express slow, but also shipped the...Pants quality is very good, the seller virtual service attitude is very good
    Very good seller, the goods were wrong, very happy to give up, but also package the freight, pants quality is also good
    Not bad, buy a small, contact customer service immediately after help solve
    Things good service attitude is also very good
    The quality is good, I am very satisfied
    Express slow, but also shipped the wrong.

  3. The clothes are better than the...165cm55kg to buy L to wear a little loose, but fortunately, very appropriate, very soft pants
    Pants received, it is super comfortable, good elasticity, which is particularly comfortable velvet. Receive the goods on the water washed, do not fade not shrink, ha ha, wear also slim, worth buying, it is worth

    Pants are not loose, tight in the legs of … … recommended to buy a big yard, or really embarrassing … …
    Can not wait to try on the receipt, the version is very good, very warm all-match, ah, have water, non pilling deformation, a very good shopping, praise

    Pants received! Good quality! Old customer! He always wears his clothes! Good customer service! Single shot small, contact customer service, I quickly changed the number of yards! Praise! Very satisfied with the online shopping!
    The clothes are better than the imagination, especially suitable to wear it? Only in our North some thin, can be a little thicker and better, and bought a pair of women, really good pants, it is worth buying recommendations. Awesome.

  4. Just arrived, wearing a good. Just...Good quality and high cost courier service fast
    Wear a good quality
    Wear a good quality
    Nice pants
    The leisure pants fabric and good quality, comfortable to wear, also slim slim.
    Just arrived, wearing a good. Just do not know will not shrink! Over time watching

  5. Oh, oh, very comfortable to wearGood quality, I'll wear a pair of pants, thought will be fat fat, but thick legs can not.
    Husband tried, the number is very appropriate, that is very warm, not fat
    Super thick, put on a little bloated, but very warm, to wear his son
    Very loose and thick, it is relatively long to roll up.
    Very good, very thick, very fond of her mother-in-law
    Oh, oh, very comfortable to wear

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