1. Good, awesome special logisticsGood looks and pictures
    Shop on the table very good-looking, is too big a taste, it is recommended to buy a home to dry air
    Yes, cheaper than the store!
    Pretty good

    Baby good quality, value, all 5 five-star!
    Good, awesome special logistics

  2. Cheap is cheap, but, not on the lidSincerely thank you for your patronage and trust, before the transport damaged, extremely sorry, hope that our sincere and warm can bring you a brilliant smile, beautiful mood, look forward to your visit again!
    Received today, the quality is good, there is a damage during transport, but contact the Buyer immediately after for a replacement. Pretty good. The next time the light gu! Attitude is the most important
    Baby is very practical, before buying a, feeling like a little inadequate, so he bought a.
    Also can not taste great. It's been two days
    Great, the color is very comfortable and cheap eight mistakes
    Cheap is cheap, but, not on the lid

  3. Have a bad smell.With so long, or smelly ah, taste good
    What a big taste!!!! Too smelly, put the balcony blowing, soft silicone, very soft, soft to deformation.

    A little strange taste?
    Can be pretty good, is very cheap! Also apply!
    Bought a lot of things, it is impossible to evaluate one by one, the overall good
    Have a bad smell.

  4. Baby very good. Very thick and...A little expensive, can put toilet hidden junk styles.
    Color color deviation is also good quality!
    A little expensive
    The color is very beautiful, my mother likes it very much
    Help colleagues buy. His great. Bargain
    Baby very good. Very thick and very good-looking

  5. Good service, good quality,...The quality is too good to go
    Very warm, fabric is also very good, good service attitude
    Really good, put on the body fit, good wow good
    Parents are worth buying, the next time to come
    After I bought my mother a little sister, she also took a fancy to … …
    Good service, good quality, comfortable, fast delivery. ??

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